Best 5 Baby Halloween Costume Ideas for 2012

Atlanta Baby Baskets Choice- Lion Baby Halloween Costume 2012

Every year I look for the most unique and creative Baby Halloween costumes. This year blew my mind. There are so many new Halloween dress up options for our little ones on the market. It makes me so happy. Take a close look at my top five picks for Halloween 2012 and do not forget to share with me your feedback. I am very curious if you like them... … [Read more...]

“10 things To Do this Halloween”

Halloween is coming soon and with it a lot of excitement and work. As you are preparing your youngsters for the night of ghost and horror there may be few things you could do before the night is here. In this post I would like to share few activities that you could do with your kids to ease their fear of scary Halloween. After all Halloween is not scary. It is fun! … [Read more...]