Atlanta Baby Baskets Supports Young Pianists at the Annual Chopin Foundraiser Event

Our Founder, Karolina with her husband and friends at the Annual Chopin Society of Atlanta Foundraiser

Great news! Our company is honored to announce that we will support the  2012 ANNUAL FUNDRAISER event hosted by Chopin Society of Atlanta and WABE Radio Personality- John Lemley - City Cafe with John Lemley. The event is scheduled for November 17th at The Country Club of the South. In celebration of Chopin and his music.  … [Read more...]

Three minutes with Jane Fonda.

For many years, I have imagined the moment when I would get a chance to meet one of my favorite celebrity actors face to face. That person is Jane Fonda. The thought of that meeting was always so exciting since Ms. Fonda has lived many years right here in Atlanta. Unfortunately the chances of meeting her seemed so slim I never imagined it could actually happen. … [Read more...]

“10 things To Do this Halloween”

Halloween is coming soon and with it a lot of excitement and work. As you are preparing your youngsters for the night of ghost and horror there may be few things you could do before the night is here. In this post I would like to share few activities that you could do with your kids to ease their fear of scary Halloween. After all Halloween is not scary. It is fun! … [Read more...]

Favorite Natural baby Toys

Since the opening of my business, I promised myself that the products I include in my baskets will be safe and healthy. In my opinion, there is nothing worse than shopping for baby toys and discovering on their labels that they were made in China and they "may" include dangerous chemicals. How many newborn or little toddlers have to be diagnosed with cancer before we will start paying close attention to what our babies are playing with and in contact with? Let me tell you about a brand that I love and recommend for babies.  … [Read more...]

Atlanta Baby Baskets supports National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Hello everyone! I am thrilled that Atlanta's beautiful fall season is in full swing. As many of you know, October is a special time of a year highlighting Breast Cancer Awareness. For this post, I would like to bring attention to my list of favorite items for 2011 that support this worthy cause. I encourage everyone to make at least one PINK purchase this month and help those we love & admire for their courage. If we could all do this, we could really make a positive impact in all of the special &  inspiring women in our lives who fight breast cancer every day. … [Read more...]

DIY Photo Books & Baby Announcements

Good news to all my crafty busy followers! Apple just came out with the new features on their computers' program called iPhoto'11. The company succesfully introduced the LetterPress Cards. By combining the old-school printing techinique (letter pressing) and the new printing technology  (digital photography) Apple users can stop worry about finding the perfect card for the occasion. … [Read more...]

Abigail- New Interactive Book for Children

One of my favorite stores , Hallmark, released their new book series for childern called "Abigail". This interactive book comes FREE with the purchase of the stuffed Abigail the Bunny, priced at $29.99. Regular price of the book is $9.95 and you can find it in any Hallmark store around you. … [Read more...]

Sweats can be sexy and versatile…

Who says wearing sweats is not fashionable or attractive? Certainly not many people these days as now are there many  new hip lifestyle brands of gym and yoga clothes that look and feel great even when you are not working out. Many women are wearing their workout clothing around the house and while running errands in between baby care and exercises. I do not know about you but sweats and workout clothes can sometimes be motivating so get your bottom up and start moving. Whenever I have to start my gym routine I need some sort of motivation. One of them is sporting my new clothing or a … [Read more...]

Sweet 1st Halloween!

Last year, I was obsessed with the above displayed  cupcake halloween costume from Pottery Barn. I ended up not dressing as one  thanks to my husband but the idea of this sweet and cute outfit stuck in my head. This year, I was very happy to learn that Pottery Barn is paying attention to Halloween as usual. They just received new costumes this year and yes, they still do sell the cute cupcake costume for you... or your little one. … [Read more...]

We are growing bigger!

I have a quick announcement for you! I would like to inform you that next week b-boxx will become an independent baby clothing label and my basket business will operate under a brand new name- Atlanta Baby Baskets. I am in the process of updating & building new features on our website and other social media outlets. … [Read more...]