No two baskets are the same as they are all customized and unique. Atlanta Baby Baskets comes in three types (boy, girl and neutral) as well as two sizes – small and large. Both small and large baskets come with a card for the occasion and the basket lives on for utility purposes as it serves as a handy and compact storage box for daily baby care products like diapers, pacifiers, toys and wipes.

We promote healthy living and growing. Our hand-knitted baby hats, toys and clothing items are eco and baby-friendly and made of organic cotton which is free from chemicals, such as fertilizers or pesticides. We strive to meet the highest standards because we have an important duty – to take the best care of your precious little baby.

Most little babies have very sensitive skin, especially pre-mature ones. Many of them develop allergic rashes to clothing tags which quite often can irritate their skin. To promote safety, we have located our tags on the outside the hat thus preventing any opportunity for a tag to harm or irritate your baby’s skin. Our hat tags contain directions on how to safely clean and maintain our hats for your baby and they are easy to remove and store.