Give back this Holiday Season- Sponsor a Child with New Missions’ Shoebox Drive Project

Being in a gift basket business we love to give gifts and we love to do good deeds all year long. With month of November  in full swing a new kind of responsibility grows within us- givin back, helping and supporting children in need. We always look for ways to give back and support those in need via direct service and/or donation. This year, the first organization that caught our eyes was New Missions which inspired us with their touching video story about the  Shoebox Drive project. … [Read more...]

How to Keep Your Children Safe This Halloween?

Every year, the biggest number of missing or injured children rises around the Halloween night, according to the  State Farm Insurance  Company. I do not want to scare parents but Halloween is coming up this Wednesday and you have to be aware and prepared for safe trick-or treating. Annually State Farm educates kids and their parents on how to be safe every day of the year whether they are inside or outside of a car. Here are 7 ways that you can help ensure that every child on the road is safe! … [Read more...]

Celebrate Food Day With Us & Our Delicious Mini Organic Apple Pies Recipe

Happy Food Day everyone! Yes, today is a National Food Day. We all have been celebrating healthy foods all month by attending various organic local farmers markets and festivals, learning about fresh produce and their nutritious value and by eating well. Today we want to share our organic yummy story and idea with you. … [Read more...]

National Food Day

In more than a week, On October 24th, we will be celebrating a National Food Day.  In support of organic and healthy eating we encourage you to visit one of the local farmers markets and supply on some juicy Georgia mountains' apples, other fruits and vegetables. All month long the whole mountians' region invites you to visit and attend  many local farmers' markets and organic festivals. It is a great opportunity for you and your family to do something fun together. Enjoy the beautiful weather, nature and splurge yourselves on organic fruits. … [Read more...]

Jessica Alba releases her new Eco-friendly, toxic-free & baby safe e-commerce site.

We have been following and supporting Jessica Alba for a long time in her efforts of making the USA safer place for babies to grow. Jessica joined the Safer Chemicals Healthy Families , a coalition representing parents, health professionals, advocates for people with learning and developmental disabilities, reproductive health advocates, environmentalists and businesses from across the nation(more than 11 million individuals) concerned about toxic chemicals in homes, work and other every day used products. … [Read more...]

Will the FDA ever get serious with ensuring the safety of baby products?

Parents let me be honest with you, we all are living in the world of plenty but it also means cheap and toxic.  As Mark P. Mills, Contributor for summarized it neatly “The future of manufacturing will be largely determined by the combination of two inexorable facts: technology gets cheaper over time, while labor gets more expensive. “  The way I see it, this only spells TROUBLE. With paying less attention to the safety and quality of products, we soon may find ourselves in the danger zone. In fact, USA and China already have been seeing the effects of their lazy labor and lack of … [Read more...]

Favorite Natural baby Toys

Since the opening of my business, I promised myself that the products I include in my baskets will be safe and healthy. In my opinion, there is nothing worse than shopping for baby toys and discovering on their labels that they were made in China and they "may" include dangerous chemicals. How many newborn or little toddlers have to be diagnosed with cancer before we will start paying close attention to what our babies are playing with and in contact with? Let me tell you about a brand that I love and recommend for babies.  … [Read more...]

Atlanta Baby Baskets supports National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Hello everyone! I am thrilled that Atlanta's beautiful fall season is in full swing. As many of you know, October is a special time of a year highlighting Breast Cancer Awareness. For this post, I would like to bring attention to my list of favorite items for 2011 that support this worthy cause. I encourage everyone to make at least one PINK purchase this month and help those we love & admire for their courage. If we could all do this, we could really make a positive impact in all of the special &  inspiring women in our lives who fight breast cancer every day. … [Read more...]

How to find perfect baby’s first shoes?

When you are a parent you want to make sure that everything you give or buy for your baby is safe and good for his or her well being. Parents approach every milestone, every decision with care. One of my friends lately has been wondering about the best way to choose baby's first shoes. Buying first shoes is a very important milestone in life of a toddler. What are the most important things to remember when it comes to baby shoe shopping? What are the safiest shoe choices for babies? How to make sure that you are getting the bst shoe for your child?  … [Read more...]

How to best protect your child’s skin from sun?

When it comes to children it is extremly important for parents to know how dangerous is an excessive exposure to sun.  I am sure many of us know what to do when getting ready to spend the afternoon on the sun with our little ones, but did you ever think of what not to do? What danger awaits for your child if you do not put the sunscreen in a timely metter? Here are best tips on how to best protect your child's skin from sun. … [Read more...]