Come join us at the Modern Mommy Mixer Event!

At the end of this month we will be celebrating motherhood in style. Talented furniture designer from New York City, Bobby Berk is in town and he is loud.  This year, Berk has been called the new "it" among conterporary and ecological furnituring designers in USA. He successfully branded and expended his retail business from West coast to East coast, opening stores in LA, New York and Miami. Recently Berk opened his Bobby Berk Home store here in Atlanta. … [Read more...]

Atlanta Baby Baskets’ sister company, b-boxx will join Bill Kaelin Marketing and Bobby Berk Home at the “Midtown Modern Mommy Mixer” in Atlanta

On the 29th day of this month our founder, Karolina Morsillo will join forces with an innovative marketing team- Bill Kaelin Marketing and a young, hip and talented contemporary furniture designer Bobby Berk for the maternity event. … [Read more...]

Happy Memorial Day weekend! It is time to relax …

What a beautiful weekend it is to celebrate this Memorial Day. The weather this weekend is perfect for some relaxing mountains' getaway. It is time to go again! I cannot wait and I count every day and minute to our departure to Highlands, NC. All week we long, we both been preparing for this four days long extravaganza. I even got extra crafty again and made some new accessories for my trip. What is your favorite Memorial Day weekend trip each year ? We love the mountains and this is why... … [Read more...]

Happy Mothers’ Day!

Spring is such a wonderful time of a year. Time when everything blooms again and the new life begins. Just as we celebrate the Mother Earth and thank her for giving life to so many wonderful creations in this world, today we salute to all the expecting, new and already experienced mommies. We thank you for giving your children the gift of life. Thank you for your  love, support, countless sleepless nights, patient hearts, endless hugs giving and your magical power of making boo boos feel better and disapear, every time .  … [Read more...]

Happy Easter! Clients celebrate this holiday with b-boxx.

On behalf of two sister companies, Atlanta Baby Baskets and b-boxx, I want to wish all of you happy Easter. This is one of the most exciting holidays of the year to me and I know it has been a special time for many of you as well.  … [Read more...]

Last minute Valentine’s Day Idea

For those who had no time to prepare for tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day,  I have a rescue idea. It is a simple and easy, step-by-step recipe which will help you to surprise your loved one with the romantic gourmet breakfast. It can safe you a lot of thinking and money. One stop to the Publix, after work, and you are all set. … [Read more...]

We met with “DC Cupcakes” in Atlanta

Hello! I have a short update for you regarding the sweet ladies from the popular TLC reality show called " DC Cupcakes". What great fun it was to meet the famous baking sisters from DC and talk to them about their family and their passions for baking and cupcakes. While millions tune into their TV show to follow their lives, we were actually lucky enough to meet the real Sophie and Katherine in person and ask them questions. … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving 2011

Thanksgiving is a such a magical time of the year. It is my favorite holiday of all. I hope you all enjoyed this Thanksgiving weekend with your loved ones. I also hope the holiday put you all in a good mind set for the rest of the year as we all need a little positive reinforcement in dealing with the many stressors of the holiday season. I had a very special Thanksgiving this year because I gained a new family member that I adore.  … [Read more...]

Meet TLC’s “DC Cupcake Georgetown Diaries” stars Sophie & Katherine!

Do you remember my last trip to Washington DC? Have you seen our colorful pictures from the famous DC cupcake store seen on TLC's popular reality show "DC Cupcake Georgetown Diaries"? Surprise! The famous sisters, Sophie and Katherine, are in Atlanta and they want to meet with YOU! … [Read more...]

What’s Thanksgiving about?

Time flies..we are already in the full swing of the Holiday season. Black Friday madness is behind us, it is getting darker earlier during the day. The leaves have changed colors and they all fall constantly while the weather plays silly  temperature games with us- hot, cold, hot, cold... a roller coaster of transitional weather patterns. Among all of this craziness I find autumn delightful. It reminds me my childhood in Europe. The warmth of fireplaces, candlelight, the smell of caramel or apple cinder, cinnamon cookies and cozy blankets. All of those shiny warm things bring me to … [Read more...]