Give back this Holiday Season- Sponsor a Child with New Missions’ Shoebox Drive Project

Being in a gift basket business we love to give gifts and we love to do good deeds all year long. With month of November  in full swing a new kind of responsibility grows within us- givin back, helping and supporting children in need. We always look for ways to give back and support those in need via direct service and/or donation. This year, the first organization that caught our eyes was New Missions which inspired us with their touching video story about the  Shoebox Drive project.

We have heard about New Missions through our church via one of these videos and could not help but to help in sponsoring this wonderful cause. Shoebox Drive is a charity project that runs all year long and collects shoebox gifts for poor children in Haiti.

Since 1983, New Missions has served many. Curetly, over 10,000 students attend New Missions’ 26 elementary schools and a High School in Haiti. The people involved with New Missions build, staff, fund, and run operations overseas. The focus is making disciples, preaching the gospel, and meeting the spiritual, physical, and intellectual needs of the poorest of the poor.

In each of locations, they always start by establishing a church and school. Each child in a New Missions school is given a hot meal daily, as well as ongoing medical care. We have a fully staffed medical clinic in Haiti, and continue to train health workers to serve the local villages. Our 26 churches are staffed with Haitian pastors who have been trained at our Bible college in Haiti.

Watch inspiring New Missions videos here.

 To help every children under New Missions wings every Holiday Season the volunteers ask for shoebox donations which then are passed to children. The rules are simple. You only need one Shoebox filled with love and a few needed items for kids in one of these age categories:


All you need is a new or old shoebox:


Then fill it up with gifts (see examples below)



Handmade Label or Wrapping

$7.00 Donation

Need more info?

Here is how it works in detail – step by step:


It’s simple!

Just as the picture says in the last point 6 all donations have to be collected by November 29th, 2012.

For more info contact New Missions here.

Get involved,


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