Trick or Treating for UNICEF with Us

Every year, by our efforts, we help to raise money so people can buy healthy water for kids his age in developing countries and now we ask you to join us too. Tonight, on Halloween night, we invite you to help us trick or treating around the globe for a great cause! Grab your kids, family and friends, have some fun trick or treating and support UNICEF.  

We have been trick or treating for UNICEF for the past few year now, we are extremely proud of it and we would love you to join us. UNICEF raises money for children in 190 countries and territories that need better health care, more immunizations, clean water, improved nutrition, and quality education. Growing along with UNICEF allows us to watch children in our family and community becoming active global UNICEF citizens and seeing how rewarding it is to see them helping others. 



We hope this year you will join our efforts and trick or treat with us for this generous cause.

Watch this video by UNICEF and become a  part of the solution.

Connect and support UNICEF on FacebookTwitterGoogle+, andPinterest. You can also follow the hashtag #ToT4UNICEF on Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest.

Happy Halloween!


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